We’re very excited about our new summer event and we’re offering fantastic seasonal attractions. Here’s what to expect when you visit us this August for the ‘31 Amazing Days of Family Fun at Undley’s Summer Maize Maze‘.

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The Summer Maize Maze (Brexit Theme)

This new, especially created summer maize maze is inspired by the hot topic of Brexit. Within the maze, there are 25 boards, (for 25 of the 28 European countries), to hunt for. Participants take in the maize maze map to help them successfully navigate to the boards. On each board, there will be the name and flag of the country and a coloured marker pen. When participants reach a country board they can use the specific marker pen provided to shade in that country on the map. The more countries found, the more colours participants will have on their map. When the participants leave the maze, they can choose to place their shaded map into either the ‘leave’ or the ‘remain’ postbox and, in so doing, cast their vote in the Undley Referendum!
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Maize Maze competition

Three maize maze maps will be drawn out of the hat and the map with the most countries visited (i.e. the greatest amount of coloured shading on it) will be the first prize winner, and will receive a £200 cash prize. Second  place will be awarded for the map with the second largest number of coloured in countries and will gain a £100 cash prize; third place will win £50. The three winning entries for the maze will be drawn on 1st September 2019. The results of the Undley Referendum will be announced at the same time.
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Farm inspired inflatable obstacle course

This bouncy attraction is always a hit with children and sometimes whole families who enjoy exploring the inflatable landscape of our farm obstacle course.

(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Bouncy Castles

At Undley Farm Events we have not one but two bouncy castles on offer at our new August summer event. The first bouncy castle takes the form of a pumpkin as these impressive fruits are one of our headline crops and a central focus of our Undley Pumpkin Patch event, which takes place later in the year (in October). The pumpkin bouncy castle is also covered so great come rain or shine. Our second bouncy castle is an open air one. Both are large and extremely bouncy!

(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Daily guided farm walks

These hosted farm walks will take about 30-40 minutes and offer visitors to take in the sights at Undley Farm. Some of you may be familiar with our October event, Undley Pumpkin Patch, and during these guided walks you will have the opportunity to see the progress of the pumpkin plants. The pumpkin plants are in flower in August and so this, along with the sunflowers dotted along the way, makes for quite a spectacle to enjoy. Each walk, for up to 20 families, also offers the chance to learn about farming, a huge part of Suffolk heritage. The terrain will be as buggy friendly as possible.
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Undercover and outdoor sand play area

Our new summer event will host a sand play area – undercover for wet days and outside for dry days. The sand play area will total 50 square metres. Buckets, spades and deckchairs will be provided, so come and relax and enjoy…
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Straw bale and sand climbing mountains

For little (and bigger) explorers, venture up the sand mountain, which is created from 50 tonnes of sand! The straw bale mountain is of a similar size and promises to offer a brilliant view of the farmland surroundings.
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Space Hopper Slalom

An unusual and fun attraction at this year’s new summer event is the space hopper race. Choose your trusty space hopper and see if you can be the first around the course, which is marked out by cones.
(This attraction is included within the ticket price.)

Walking pet balloons and lucky dip

Choose your very favourite walking pet balloon or try your hand at the lucky dip.
(These attractions are NOT included within the ticket price.)


Delicious refreshments will be available to buy on-site, including children’s picnic selections, hot sausage rolls, homemade quiches, salad bowls, sandwiches, crisps, fresh fruit, cakes, cookies and ice creams, plus a range of hot and cold drinks.