Pick from sea of pumpkins direct from the plant

Undley Farm’s Pumpkin Patch is offering a picking experience directly from the pumpkin plant.

Largest selection ever

This year there will be thousands of pumpkins to choose from (plenty enough to offer a wonderful selection to all visitors throughout all of October). These will include approximately 20 varieties of pumpkins to suit all requirements – ranging from small to very large. These will also be accompanied by a wonderfully varied selection of colourful and characterful gourds and squashes. So whether your a family in pursuit of the perfect specimens for pumpkin carving or someone on the lookout to make a centrepiece for an autumnally inspired interior, or a capable cook keen to source pumpkins for culinary creations, a visit to the Undley Farm’s Pumpkin Patch will not only deliver but also offer inspiration on all fronts.

Wheelbarrows at the ready

The fleet of wheelbarrows will be back again to support pumpkin pickers to easily transport their rich pickings –  hand-picked direct from the pumpkin vine – to the car (there is plenty of free parking on-site).

Home grown pumpkins, gourds and squashes

All pumpkins, gourds and squashes are home grown on-site at Undley Farm with many of the processes of caring for these incredible plants needing to be undertaken by hand. The spectacular sea of pumpkins on view in October at the Undley Farm Pumpkin Patch truly depicts a labour of love with each and every pumpkin being offered the greatest opportunity for optimum growth with amazing results. The farming team at Undley Farm is highly experienced at growing and nurturing pumpkin plants and the astounding crop of pumpkins achieved year on year is testament to this hard earned skill and knowledge which benefits every generation of pumpkin plants.

Not surprisingly, given the presence of the Maize Maze, corn is also grown on site at Undley Farm and visitors to the pumpkin patch also have the opportunity to purchase sweetcorn direct from the farm, as well as other locally coursed produce.

What it takes to grow pumpkins

Successfully growing thousands of pumpkins is both something of a science and an art. What few may realise is that unlike for other crops, many of the processes have to be undertaken by hand. It’s a painstaking process with each and every pumpkin on each and every plant being carefully tended, cleaned and hoed by hand. It’s a good job that the owners of Undley Pumpkin Patch are truly passionate about growing pumpkins and utterly committed to being able to provide the most incredible sea of pumpkins to pick come October…