Undley Farm Events was founded by Anthony and Sally Pooley and they have also been hosting Undley Pumpkin Patch and Maize Maze for over two decades. It’s an event that has grown in popularity – and scale – year on year.

Anthony and Sally Pooley are the third generation of farmers to operate from Peterhouse Farm (the seat of Undley Pumpkin Patch). Anthony explains: “Originally, it was my grandfather’s farm, then my father’s and now mine. We started growing pumpkins just over 20 years ago and during that time we’ve developed and honed our skills to cultivate ever more perfect fruits. We also grow maize – vital for our Maize Maze, a family attraction that we carefully grow and maintain for visitors to Undley Pumpkin Patch to enjoy! In addition we also produce gourds – close relatives of the pumpkin, which come in a wonderful array of shapes, sizes and hues.”